Fundamental Courses on energy simulation and building performanceanalysis will be taught on 2 consecutive days in Vietnamese or English. Target learners are architects, engineers ... who are concerned about the issue of energy saving and design optimization.

On this course, in the beginning, learners will be introduced the general knowledge of energy simulation and building performanceanalysis, then apply to actual projects. Then, learners will practice the software with experts of Designbuilder Viet Nam through exercises for these training content includes:

  • Set the model by Designbuilder software, import models which are set by other software (DXF, gbXML files,…)
  • Analyse the impact of solar radiation on projects and evaluate the effectiveness of design solutions (building blocks, functional division of space, window layout, shading solutions, thermal insulation...).
  • Set the material selections for items: ceilings, walls, floors, roofs, glass walls & windows
  • Set up and simulate natural lighting by using Daylighting feature.
  • Set up and simulate wind & natural ventilation (combine toassess thermal comfort) by using CFD feature.
  • Set parameters for air conditioning and ventilation systems (simple format) & set operating schedule for equipment and technical systems of the works.
  • Describeair conditioning and ventilation systems (in detail). Apply to systems which are commonly used in Vietnam such as VRV / VRF, central air condition cooling water, and the local air condition ...
  • Calculate cooling load capacity, heating load capacity(air conditioning systems)
  • Calculatesimulationusing energy
  • Optimizedesigned solutions by Parameter analysis feature.

Click here to refer the detail contents of the course which will be implemented from the first quarter of 2017.

After this course, learners will be able to carry out the building performancesimulation and analysis by themselves on their actual projects. In addition, learners also receive:

  • Certification for course completion
  • Accumulated score from the Green Building Council of Vietnam (VGBC) for students who have been certified LOTUS AP
  • Discount fee for Expert courses and Advanced courses organized by DBVN

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